Setting out a long term rail plan for Scotland

15 November, 2018

At the first of our regional seminars held in Glasgow today, we called for substantial investment in rail across Scotland.

Its analysis is that for Britain, three factors – low productivity, over centralisation and the highest levels of transport congestion in Europe – are inter-related. Its economic analysis shows that poor connectivity is a common factor, and in its report ‘Beyond HS2’ published earlier this year, it set out a long-term plan to address the problem.

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HS2: a magic money tree?

27 September, 2018

Unthinking populism has led some to put forward scrapping HS2 as a solution to worrying projections of economic losses from Brexit. ‘Here’s £50bn we could save and spend instead on (say) the NHS’.

But scrapping HS2 does not create a magic money tree.

Rather, it would be an act of extreme short-termism, signalling no belief in the future of the UK.

For a start, aborting the capital spend on HS2 means losing the stream of economic benefits it generates at roundly the rate of £2 benefit of every £1 outlay.

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Beyond HS2: a new direction for High-Speed Rail and other services in the UK

25 September, 2018

In our recent report – Beyond HS2 – we set out the most long-term and strategic view of what our national railway network should look like by the middle of the century. The report considers changes to the design of HS2 that can maximise its potential benefits to a larger area of the country, as well as other modifications to enhance the services across the entire rail network and improve the aspects of economic productivity which depend on them.

Our Associate Director John Jarvis explains the major points of our vision to Railway-News. You can access the full article here.

Simon Jenkins on HS2

11 August, 2018

This time (The Guardian, 10th August) Simon Jenkins attacks not only HS2 but also the wider rail network: “Like it or not, roads are the lifeline of the economy”. Yes, but we can’t sustainably expand the road network (Jenkins wants motorway congestion eased); expanding the rail network is the better approach.

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Greengauge 21 on the first National Infrastructure Assessment

12 July, 2018

The first National Infrastructure Assessment, published yesterday by the NIC, provides the rare perspective of a comprehensive assessment of the nation’s needs over the next 25+ years.

Having considered all the exciting developments ahead in areas such as autonomous vehicles, the Assessment re-states the significant role that rail plays in connecting city centres and in providing the transit systems that enable larger cities to grow and prosper. It foresees

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Celebrating top performing train operators across the UK and Europe

14 June, 2018

The development of high speed rail brings with it the possibility of driving excellence in the rail travel experience for the many. Its appeal is growing, as travellers consider not simply how fast they can get to where they want to go, but also the experience of getting there. Commissioned by online train booking service Loco2; the Great Train Comparison Report is a Europe-wide report that sets out the diverse rail services on offer and how rail travellers can experience the very best of European rail travel, depending on their specific (and varied) needs.

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