HS2 – more than a railway

24 November, 2014

Access a presentation given by Jim Steer recently HS2 is not just a railway outlining how HS2 can support a pattern of sustainable development across Britain.

HS2 interactive map

30 October, 2014

An interactive map is available on the HS2 website that is designed to help visualise where the new high speed line will go. The map allows the user to explore the Phase 1 route between London and the West Midlands and the preferred route for Phase 2 running North from Birmingham in a Y shape, with the ability to look at phase 1 plan and profile maps.

Sections of the route may be subject to design refinements, and the line shown on the map may change alignment depending on the outcome of future consultations, but the map will remain up to date with the current and most accurate information.  The map also gives a view of the registered interest for the HS2 Supply Chain Conference recently, showing interest from potential suppliers as a heatmap, and the location of the companies attending the conference in Manchester and London.


Integrated Cities – Integrating the Transport Network into HS2

23 July, 2014

Keolis have recently published the follow up to their Key Connections report. Integrated Cities – Integrating the Transport Network into HS2 explores the potential for light rail – or similar light rapid transit systems – to support better connectivity and integration between HS2 and local networks.  The report argues that light rail systems, like those in Manchester and Sheffield, are a crucial element of a ‘hub and spoke’ model of regional transport, which the UK must implement if HS2 is to bring benefits to areas beyond its main station hubs. Keolis is the world’s largest operator of light rail networks, and a member of the High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group.

High Speed Rail in the South East

7 April, 2014

Greengauge 21 has recently carried out some research on behalf of the South East Local Transport Board to examine the scope for new high-speed rail services and routes in the south east of England. HS1 was conceived initially as a means of reducing the journey time and increasing the number of international trains operating from London to Paris and Brussels. Our report

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Submission – the Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on environmental protection in Phase 1 of HS2

17 March, 2014

Greengauge 21’s  written submission to the Environmental Audit Committee focuses on three areas where we believe we can add value to the Committee’s considerations. 

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Case study – a systems engineering approach to delivering High Speed 2

11 March, 2014

This case study shows how systems engineering  techniques can provide cost savings and a holistic approach to design, and whilst allowing for testing the potential impacts of any proposed changes against the intended outcome of the train service, can also deliver sound value engineering decisions: A systems engineering approach to delivering HS2