Rail in the North: Stepping Stones to a rebalanced Britain

19 November, 2014

With government endorsing the long term strategy for the North’s railways contained in the One North proposition of July 2014, Rail in the North: Stepping Stones to a rebalanced Britain highlights the opportunities for all round improvement that the imminent Invitation to Tender for the new Northern Rail franchise brings.

Prepared by Greengauge 21 for Campaign For Better Transport, the report discusses

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Stoke and Staffordshire can be key HS2 beneficiaries – as well as Crewe

5 September, 2014

This latest report from Greengauge 21 sets out the opportunity to serve both Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford with a regular direct HS2 service, while protecting the wide set of benefits from accelerated development of the route to Crewe proposed by Sir David Higgins earlier this year.

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HS1 – HS2 connection: a way forward

1 April, 2014

Last year Greengauge 21 published a report on the HS1 – HS2 link which showed that the business case for its inclusion in HS2 Ltd’s plans was based on an improbable premise – that there would be sufficient international demand for high-speed rail services from the HS2 catchment to European destinations to justify its construction. This latest report has been prepared for the same client group that commissioned the original work and aims to developing thinking on the HS1 – HS2 issueIt includes further consideration of the border control issue that affects the viability of international HSR services, and incorporates further and revised thinking on how services could develop over a HS1 – HS2 link, drawing on recent work by Greengauge 21 for the South East LEP, in effect from the stand-point of how to get best use from the existing capacity available on HS1.

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Great Britain: connected or not?

3 March, 2014

The HSR Industry Leaders Group has published a report detailing the the key economic, infrastructural and social consequences of abandoning High Speed 2. Great Britain – connected or not? outlines how failing to build HS2 will leave a clogged Britain, unable to meet its full potential, lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of infrastructure development.

HS2 Phase 2 Consultation: a summary assessment by Greengauge 21

31 January, 2014

Greengauge 21 is a not for profit company established in 2006 to research and develop the concept of high speed rail as a national economic priority. In 2008 we established a Public Interest Group which has supported and funded a large part of Greengauge 21’s work including Fast Forward (2009) which set out our strategy for high speed rail in Britain. In 2012 we established the High-Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group to bring together industry expertise to help ensure that Britain’s high speed rail network is delivered successfully to world class standards. This short Greengauge 21 report on the consultation on the second phase of HS2

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Evidence to the Transport Select Committee

26 November, 2013

The following evidence was submitted by Greengauge 21 to the Transport Select Committee on 19th November 2013

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