Campaign to Protect Rural England new interactive maps

15 January, 2016

With more official data available to them, the Campaign to Protect Rural England has developed a series of interactive maps to help people understand the countryside better. Covering elements such as road noise and specific countryside protections, these maps also cover the maintenance and operational aspects of HS2, including the land requirements for Phase 1 and 2, and, for example, how the proposed planting will reduce the visual impact of the line over time.  You can access the interactive maps here:

Greengauge 21 response to National Infrastructure Commission call for evidence

6 January, 2016

The new National Infrastructure Commission intends, before next year’s Budget,  to publish on three national challenges:

  1. Improving connectivity between cities in the north of England
  2. Large-scale transport infrastructure improvements in London
  3. Improving how electricity demand and supply are balanced

As part of a process of engagement with government (both local and national), regulators, infrastructure owners and operators, and the wider transport and energy industries, the Commission has put out a call for evidence, which sets out the key questions for each of the three reports. Further details on the consultation can be found here.

Greengauge 21 welcomes the opportunity to respond to the National Infrastructure Commission call for evidence. Our responses are available below:

Greengauge 21 National Infrastructure Commission submission on Northern City Connectivity

Greengauge 21 National Infrastructure Commission submission on London’s Transport Infrastructure

Stepping Stones to a re-balanced Britain

26 January, 2015

There is widespread agreement that rail needs to improve to help bridge the north south divide. The refranchising of Northern Rail and TransPennine Express is key in this.  An important stage has now been reached with the Department for Transport about to publish an Invitation to Tender (ITT). The ITT must set the tone for service improvement and reject the ‘minimum cost’ approach to Northern Rail taken in the past. This report, commissioned by Campaign for Better Transport, aims to define the ‘stepping stones’  needed between now and the 2020s – when major new rail investment comes on stream –  steps that should form an integral part of the new Northern franchise. Read the full report here: Stepping Stones to a re balanced Britain

HS2 – more than a railway

24 November, 2014

Access a presentation given by Jim Steer recently HS2 is not just a railway outlining how HS2 can support a pattern of sustainable development across Britain.

HS2 interactive map

30 October, 2014

An interactive map is available on the HS2 website that is designed to help visualise where the new high speed line will go. The map allows the user to explore the Phase 1 route between London and the West Midlands and the preferred route for Phase 2 running North from Birmingham in a Y shape, with the ability to look at phase 1 plan and profile maps.

Sections of the route may be subject to design refinements, and the line shown on the map may change alignment depending on the outcome of future consultations, but the map will remain up to date with the current and most accurate information.  The map also gives a view of the registered interest for the HS2 Supply Chain Conference recently, showing interest from potential suppliers as a heatmap, and the location of the companies attending the conference in Manchester and London.