Creating a joined up public transport network

18 March, 2019

We can have a joined up national public transport network tomorrow. All that’s needed is to take down some artificial barriers, and we can do this using new digital information systems. Getting the bus and rail networks to ‘talk to each other’ for the benefit of passengers requires recognition that together they can provide the nation with a resource of great value and a source of national pride.

Proposed Programme

The over-arching requirement is to create and keep up-to-date information on rail and bus services and to fashion a ticket retail system that facilitates fully accessible travel across the combined cross-modal transport service network. The programme Greengauge 21 is seeking to undertake will:

  1. Explore with information service providers how to best create cross-modal journey planning and ticketing systems
  2. Establish how a bottom-up approach can be fashioned with a review of locally-based developments that have similar goals; emphasising successes and identifying any obstacles to be overcome, in particular in extending beyond boundaries into adjacent areas as part of a joined-up national network
  3. Consult with key influencers and stakeholders and develop and put before Government a working plan that identifies any changes needed at Government level
  4. Identify a package of policy, physical design and infrastructure measures that will allow bus-rail connectivity to be attractive and fully accessible and user-friendly
  5. Promote the benefits and opportunities created by a joined-up national public transport network.

Sponsorship and funding is sought to support the  programme – if you are interested in finding out more then please contact

The Greengauge 21 team will provide a coordination and over-sight and report and dissemination function throughout. This team will be responsible for the progressive sifting and selection of preferred options.