Greengauge 21 welcomes new statement on HS2 as the first stage of a national network

20 December, 2010

“The Secretary of State for Transport has clearly led from the front, ensuring the HS2 alignment is adjusted to meet concerns of the local communities affected”, said Jim Steer, Director of Greengauge 21.

“We are particularly delighted to see that he has decided that from the outset there will be a direct operational link between the new line and the existing high-speed route from St Pancras to the Channel Tunnel, and also that provision will be made when the routes to  Leeds and Manchester are added to connect in Heathrow with a direct link. These features may involve only relatively short sections of route, but they are essential if HS2 is to form the first stage of a truly national network”, he added.

Greengauge 21 notes that the anti-HS2 campaign claims that ‘the business case for HS2 doesn’t stack up’. It has therefore reviewed one of the published critiques and today is releasing HS2 – why the critics are wrong – providing a firm rebuttal of the arguments made.

“The business case for HS2 is strong, and better than for the alternatives that have been examined over the last ten years in various studies. High-speed rail is the sustainable way to ensure that congestion across the national transport system doesn’t impede economic recovery”, said Jim Steer.

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