HS2 Plus

17 March, 2014

David Higgins, chairman of HS2 Ltd, has published his review of HS2, which includes his thoughts on the progress made so far, its ongoing development and his plans for the future. Access the full report and supporting slides here.

Commenting on HS2 Plus, Lawrie Quinn, member of the High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group and Chair of the Railway Engineers Forum, said

“We welcome the suggestions about optimising the schedule for HS2. This will have a significant, beneficial impact on costs and ensuring construction is efficient and contained.

It also means investment in people and skills will  be brought forward ensuring the local resourcing of skills and plants to enable smoother delivery.

Sir David Higgins’s track record speaks for itself. He was key to ensuring that the Olympics, another large scale project, was delivered on time and on budget. His fresh perspective on HS2 makes his conclusions more significant.

The UK engineering industry is extremely well placed to deliver a programme of this scale – just look at the success of the Olympics, where time and geography constraints were overcome by innovative thinking and pioneering different approaches.”

New college will deliver specialised training and qualifications for HS2

14 January, 2014

Plans for a new college that will deliver the specialised training and qualifications needed for high speed rail, which will benefit HS2 and other future infrastructure projects across the country, have been announced by the government. The new college will provide Read on »

George Muir’s latest article on HS2

23 December, 2013

George Muir notes in his recent article in Passenger Transport that “if you listen to HS2’s objectors, you hear eight bad arguments against the project” and offers his account of why each of them is wrong. He states that HS2 objectors keep objecting, repeating the same objections over and over again; and the government ignores the objections and repeats its message over and over again.

As a supporter of HS2, George Muir takes each objection, looks at it, recognises any good points made, and tries to establish the facts around each argument. Read the article in full here: http://www.passengertransport.co.uk/2013/12/hs2-and-the-dialogue-of-the-deaf/

Keolis joins forces with High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group to promote high speed rail

12 December, 2013

Keolis, one of Europe’s leading public transport operators, has announced the company’s commitment to promoting HS2 and high speed rail in the UK by becoming members of the High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group. The High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group is a coalition of industry experts Read on »

Publication of the hybrid Bill

26 November, 2013

HS2 has taken a major step forward with publication of the Bill for phase one of the line between London and Birmingham. The hybrid Bill, which is effectively the planning application for the scheme, gives the government the powers to construct and operate the railway. It will also give those affected by the proposed line the opportunity to petition Parliament, both for and against the proposals, and have their case heard by a committee of MPs.

The new line is vital to meet the urgent rail capacity needs Read on »