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Greengauge 21 National HSR conference in Glasgow

Greengauge 21 is holding a special conference in Glasgow on September 3rd to examine a truly national high-speed rail network, including across the Anglo-Scottish border. The Greengauge 21 report Fast Forward showed that a national programme of high-speed rail has a good business case, and the benefit cost ratio for extending a route between Manchester and Glasgow/Edinburgh is particularly strong (7.6:1).

We contend that a long term strategic plan is needed so that all parties can see how best to exploit the advantages of capacity (for long distance and local passenger services and for increased freight provision on rail), improved resilience and performance reliability as well as faster journey times that high-speed rail can bring. Greengauge 21 is holding this conference so that the various parties involved can discuss and debate the issues arising.

Download the latest conference programme: Programme-Glasgow-HSR-conference-September-3rd-2015

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