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Welcome to the Greengauge 21 website!

We are an independent policy research group specialising in transport and its wider impacts.

We believe passionately that the national transport system needs to be re-fashioned to achieve zero carbon and facilitate a better spread of economic prosperity and social well-being.

Greengauge 21’s work addresses how this can be achieved. We support high-speed rail as part of a national public transport network we can all be proud of.

Having set out 16 years ago to prompt a national debate on the merits of high-speed rail, we are delighted to see the skills and expertise being deployed to bring HS2 between London, Birmingham, and Manchester into existence.

Our focus is on looking ahead. Beyond HS2, the way forward, we believe, demands better and different strategic thinking.

Much of our work is freely available; we only ask for an acknowledgement of source when using it.