Greengauge 21 Public Interest Group

Public Interest Group

Greengauge 21’s Public Interest Group was formed in 2008 and has played a crucial role in overseeing research and planning for Britain’s national HSR network, which initially involved developing the Fast Forward strategy. The Public Interest Group continues to be a forum where the views of members from across the country can be shared and debated and where research and other initiatives can be considered and progressed.

Our broader scope of policy research activity now covers:

  • HS2 – finalising the Y;
  • Extending the network of high speed lines north to Scotland and across the Pennines;
  • Promoting a network approach extending the reach of high speed services;
  • Looking at city region networks, cross city links and access to high speed rail hubs;
  • Considering how rural areas can benefit as well;
  • Showing how the existing network can best be freed up to maximize more local and regional services;
  • Looking at where today’s rail network fails to serve well the demand for freight and logistics services;
  • Investigating alternative links to ports and airports.

For details of membership levels, fees and benefits please contact for further details.

The members of the Public Interest Group between 2008 and 2015 have included: