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Britain’s high-speed rail network is on the way

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Greengauge 21 welcomes the Secretary of State’s announcement on the second phase of HS2 and the commitment Government is making to create a truly national high-speed rail network.

Jim Steer, Director of Greengauge 21, said:

“The new routes will be of tremendous benefit to Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and the East Midlands, and this is reflected in the enthusiastic support from city and business leaders. Many other cities in the Midlands and the North will also get an economic boost from the improved services over existing lines that become possible with HS2.”

Greengauge 21’s research shows that the carbon benefits of HS2 quadruple when the second phase is built. Phase 2 creates fast and efficient connections between regional cities as well as to/from London. This is one of the reasons why HS2 is especially beneficial to the economies of the North and the Midlands.