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Go Big – Go Local: New report from UK2070 Commission

The UK 2070 Commission has produced a report that calls on the government to Go Big, Go Local. The report is a follow up to one produced in February which found that the UK is the most unequal large country in the developed world, and highlights how only a balanced growth plan, a New Deal for Levelling Up is likely to deliver greater prosperity without having damaging environmental and social consequences.

Greengauge 21 produced the UK’s 2070 Transport Infrastructure Requirement as a contribution to the report – setting out how better sustainable transport connectivity can help rebalancing the UK by addressing its inequalities.

The Commission proposes a major programme of investment in transport, skills and the advanced economy coupled with a radical devolution of powers and funding from Whitehall, with immediate priorities for Government as follows:

  • A New Deal for Levelling Up the UK in with a minimum budgetary commitment in the 2020 Spending Review in the order of £150bn over the next 10-years
  • A commitment to full fiscal devolution to the devolved nations and local councils in England, decentralisation of government itself and establish a Commission to report back by the new parliamentary session in Autumn 2021.
  • Ensure that COP26 2021 Glasgow programme on climate change embeds the principles of a Just Transition to Zero-carbon economy
  • Establish a Cross Departmental Committee to audit and recommend how to embed the Levelling Up agenda in all government programmes and policies, including setting out a National Outcomes Framework
  • Establish Accelerator Task Forces for creating Global Centres of Excellence in the North, Midlands and the West of England, with parallel initiatives in the devolved nations
  • Expand the role of the National Infrastructure Commission to include preparation of a Spatial Framework Plan for England with a linked 10-year action programme and collaboration with the devolved nations.

Read the report here: Go Big Go Local – the UK 2070 Report on a New Deal for Levelling Up the UK