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Keolis joins forces with High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group to promote high speed rail

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Keolis, one of Europe’s leading public transport operators, has announced the company’s commitment to promoting HS2 and high speed rail in the UK by becoming members of the High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group. The High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group is a coalition of industry experts committed to supporting the successful delivery of a world-class high speed rail network in Britain. Its members have helped deliver major transport and infrastructure projects in the UK and around the world, ranging from creating entirely new high speed networks through to maintaining and improving the UK’s existing rail network.  The HSR Industry Leaders Group, was established to support the successful delivery of the next phase of world-class high speed rail in Britain and to provide a centre for excellence in high-speed rail here in Britain.

Keolis are currently joint operators of four rail franchises in the UK: Southern, SouthEastern (including the Javelin service that operates over HS1); London Midland and Transpennine Express. The company develop tailor-made mobility solutions to suit individual local requirements, and has been established in the UK since rail privatisation in 1996.

Jim Steer, Director of Greengauge 21 and founding member of HSR Industry Leaders Group said of the news: “We are delighted to have Keolis, known for delivering modern, efficient and sustainable transport systems around the world as part of the HSR Industry Leaders Group. It is important that their knowledge and expertise is made available as implementation of a national HSR network comes to fruition. Their membership shows their commitment to the longer term development of the rail network which requires the injection of capacity that HS2 – and we hope, successor developments – will bring”.

Alistair Gordon, CEO, Keolis UK said: “We’re very excited about the many opportunities high speed rail will ultimately bring to the UK. Our experience of delivering high speed rail both here in the UK, through HS1 and in Europe has shown the positive impact that such projects can have by better connecting people, businesses and places to deliver improved economic and social benefits. We fully support the Industry Leaders Group’s objectives and are committed to ensuring that the UK benefits fully from even more high speed rail.”

For more information on the HSR Industry Leaders Group see